Pedal Power Circuit Breaker Lab

The Pedal Power Circuit Breaker Lab provides a visual demonstration of an electrical overload, with and without the benefit of a circuit breaker. Background information on fuses and different types of circuit breakers are provided with explicit instructions and worksheets in the lesson plan. Topics covered in the background information include defining short circuits, arcing, proper sizing of circuit protection and other safety-related issues. Sold only to Pedal Power owners.
Pedal Power Btu Lab

Many people know the classic definition of one Btu (British Thermal Unit) as being the amount of energy needed to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. While that’s a great definition, what does it really mean? How much work does it take to produce one Btu? If you wanted to take a ten-minute shower, how long would you have to pedal to produce enough hot water to make it comfortable? The answer might surprise you. How does changing the showerhead change things? Find the answers with the Pedal Power Btu lab. Sold only to Pedal Power owners.
Pedal Power Banner

Although the Pedal Power is great at drawing a crowd wherever it goes this banner will really stand out at events in large, crowded venues
Countertop Light Display

In response to customer requests A1 Cable Solutions has developed a countertop display that lives up to our reputation for quality and appearance. The display has three different types of lighting; traditional incandescent 100-watt lamp, 26-watt compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and 13-watt light-emitting diode (LED) lamp. Each of these produce about the same amount of light and users can select between the three types and see the actual RMS wattage for the type of light selected on a digital panel meter. This is a great way to show people the actual difference between these types of lights. Information on annual cost, heat vs. light output, lifespan and carbon footprint is placed in front of each lamp so that people can see and compare the economic and ecological impact of the lights they use. An 8” x 10” standup poster showing the infrared heat signatures of each type of light comes with the display.
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