"Pedal Power is an exceptional tool for presenting the basic concepts of electrical energy and efficiency. WPPI currently owns three Pedal Power sets that we use in schools, open house events, trade shows, etc. to promote the importance of conserving energy resources. The visual and interactive demonstrations that can be done with the bike really help engage the audience, whether they are young or old.

Prior to the Pedal Power, we used a predecessor bicycle-powered generator that was in constant need of repair with little or no available support. Greg and Laurie have put a significant amount of time and thought into making their bike and display board sturdy, safe and user-friendly. Plus, any problems or questions that have arisen during our use of the equipment or lesson plans have been immediately addressed.

Because of the superior product quality and responsive customer service, we plan to continue using the Pedal Power as a key component of our energy education activities."
- Jake Oelke, P.E.
Director, Industrial Services
Wisconsin Public Power Inc
"The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) is a huge fan of the Pedal Power unit. The “legs on” approach to comparing efficiencies of different light bulbs cannot be beat – every rider expresses the same amazement when he or she truly feels the difference between an incandescent and fluorescent light bulb. We have loved working with A1 Cable Solutions; they are truly dedicated professionals who are always working to ensure their product is top notch and at its effective best. KEEP believes everyone should “experience” energy efficiency first hand and is glad there is a resource like Pedal Power that helps provide this experience."
- Jennie Lane
Program Director
Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP)
"The Pedal Power unit is an invaluable tool for teaching a variety of energy education concepts in a fun, interactive legs-on format. Talk about hands-on! We've used Pedal Power at shareholder meetings, teacher workshops, classrooms, and school assembly programs, shopping malls. Easy to setup, transport and extremely reliable. A1 Cable is there when you need them. I would recommend Pedal Power for any energy education program."
- Jim Jenson, Community Education Manager
Madison Gas and Electric Company
"We purchased our Pedal Power display to provide an interactive energy experience for our educational and community outreach efforts. The Pedal Power display has been a core teaching tool for our energy programs and outreach events, giving adults and kids a unique way to experience energy consumption and conservation! We actually purchased a second one when we opened up our second Urban Ecology Center branch."
- Ken Leinbach
Executive Director
Urban Ecology Center
"I just wanted to thank you for the Pedal Power display. It was a huge hit at our Indiana State Fair – our Lieutenant Governor even rode it!! It was irresistible to all ages and brought people into our booth where we could share our “use energy wisely” message with them.

I especially appreciated your quick rescue when a part on the trainer stand broke. It wasn’t your fault (turns out the manufacturer had a recall) but you certainly went above and beyond the call of duty that weekend to track me down at the fairgrounds to diagnose the problem over the phone and then overnight me your production model to keep us up and going for the rest of the fair.

Several of our member systems have borrowed the display so it’s getting plenty of road travel and holding up well. They all love being able to borrow it for their local fairs, annual meetings and school demonstrations."
- Laura Matney
Residential Energy Advisor
Wabash Valley Power Association
"The Pedal Power has been a popular teaching tool for educators who are looking for hands-on energy resources. It is quick to set up, user-friendly, and easy to transport. We've had the Pedal Power for almost two years now and have never had any problems with it. All components of the Pedal Power are durable and sturdy and require no maintenance. Laurie and Greg are quick to respond to questions with thorough explanations and advice! They are very helpful and friendly, and are truly excited about energy education. I recommend this fun, reliable resource to anyone looking to expand their energy lesson."
- Sara Windjue,
Resource Specialist
Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP),
Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education (WCEE)
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