The Pedal Power
The Pedal Power Story

Greg is an Energy Services Representative (ESR) who gives conservation presentations as part of his job. At the time he began as an ESR one of the types of presentations he had to give involved a bicycle with a generator on it, a display board, and some appliances that could be plugged in and turned on. Although the audience loved the concept and learned a lot about energy conservation, what he had to work with required frequent repairs before, during (at times), and after presentations.

The frustration that came from this constant need for maintenance and the experience Greg had in research and development made it easy for him to decide to design a completely new display that would work reliably for every presentation. Because travel was frequently involved he also needed his design to be lightweight, portable, faster to set up, and simpler to use.

Although the first one was built strictly for personal use, word spread about the Pedal Power and people began asking him to make more. At that point Greg made the decision to patent the unique Pedal Power design and chose A1 Cable Solutions as the exclusive manufacturer. This allows each display to be consistently crafted to the highest standards so that Pedal Power owners can always be confident that they own the best.
What does the Pedal Power do?

The Pedal Power uses a bicycle-powered generator to power lights and various appliances that can be plugged into the display board to provide electrical load. As more things are turned on it becomes harder for the person pedaling the bicycle to provide power to the display. The person pedaling the bicycle and the audience get the chance to see firsthand what it’s like to be a power plant when too many things get turned on.

Lesson plans and activities included in the manual provide a guide to discussions and activities about energy generation and conservation,brownouts and blackouts, renewable energy and capacitors. Voltage and current meters on the display board allow you to calculate the power (in watts) needed to run the different types of lights to compare incandescent and fluorescent lamps or other types of appliances.
Who Can Use It:

The Pedal Power is simple enough for anyone to use; energy professionals and non-technical people alike appreciate the intuitive design that gets you up and running in minutes.

The Pedal Power was not only designed to set up quickly and be used easily; we also wanted it to be reliable and to last for years. We’ve done all the hard work so that you won’t have to. Our rugged design uses industrial-grade components and construction that makes it virtually maintenance-free so that you can concentrate on the next presentation instead of wondering if it will work or who’s going to fix it.

The Pedal Power was designed with portability in mind. Everything in the kit was carefully designed for traveling presentations. The entire display fits into a compact car and once you get to your destination the separate accessory bag clips to the wheeled display case. You can then roll it easily from the car to wherever you’re doing your presentation.

The Pedal Power can be used with the supplied lesson plans but it also works very well with improvised presentations. The Pedal Power SL model provides even greater versatility. It comes with a solar photovoltaic panel and an additional bank of LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights. Move from mechanical generation to photovoltaic generation with the flip of a switch and explore new lighting technology too!
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