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Included Features

Traveling Trunk Program-Reliable Speaker
The Pedal Power Warranty
One of the primary purposes of the Pedal Power display is to allow you to focus on your presentation instead of worrying about breakdowns and repairs. As the leader in reliable hands-on energy displays we take our commitment to our customers seriously. Even though the Pedal Power is designed to withstand the heaviest usage with the greatest reliability of any display, we stand behind our work with a three-year warranty.
Pedal Power Energy concepts teaching Dis
The Pedal Power Patent
It’s been said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and we’re often flattered. A superior design in terms of portability and ruggedness means that you can travel freely with as many demonstrations as desired without having to be bothered with maintenance and repairs later. The Pedal Power display is often imitated but never duplicated.
Pedal Power CFL-LED-Incandescent Bicycle
Behind the Board
It’s the things you might not notice that make all the difference.  
All displays are not created equal. At A1 Cable Solutions we put 30 years of automotive, industrial and aircraft wiring experience into each Pedal Power display we build for unsurpassed reliability.  
High-reliability wiring, robust mechanical design and fast setup mean that you can focus on your presentation. This makes the Pedal Power perfect for your community events and traveling trunk programs.
The Pedal Power display is designed to provide years of trouble-free service in heavy-use environments.
Energy Education Presentation Fan Radio
Solar Panel
A portable solar panel is included to facilitate discussions about solar and energy conservation. A switch on the board allows the presenter to switch from the generator to the solar panel.. 
Pedal Power Energy Bike Capacitor Demons
Everyone learns differently. Some are hands-on learners and others can only truly grasp a concept when it's quantified. Many require a combination of the two methods to internalize a concept. The volt meter and watt meters on the Pedal Power board incorporate the visual element. Learners calculate power consumption (Amps X Volts = Watts) at the same time they're getting hands-on experience. Included lesson plans, activities, and worksheets reinforce the concepts.
Capacitors are also included on the board.  The presentation guide, included in the lesson plan book, uses the pedal power capacitors activity to discuss how capacitors are used to maintain power quality. 
Btu Lab.jpg
Btu Lab
A Btu (British Thermal Unit) is the energy it takes to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The Btu is frequently used in ratings regarding energy efficiency. The Btu lab kit enables the participants to to produce a Btu by pedaling the bike, using the Pedal Power display. The Btu lab comes with a guide for community and school presentations, handouts, a classroom lesson plan, and a lab. 

Optional Accessories

Safety Demonstration for Wisconsin Elect
Circuit Breaker Safety Demonstration
What are circuit breakers for and how do they work? What happens when someone puts the wrong size fuse in a fuse panel?
The Circuit Breaker Safety Demonstration provides a visual demonstration of an electrical overload with and without the benefit of a circuit breaker. Background information on fuses and different types of circuit breakers is provided with instructions and worksheets in the lesson plan. Topics include: defining short circuits, arcing, proper sizing of circuit protection, and other safety-related topics. 
Pedal Power Blender for Energy Conservat
Pedal Powered Blender
Whether you're making smoothies, or just a Pedal Powered water tornado, this common kitchen appliance is always a crowd-pleaser.
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